About Us

Askeland Farm is a farm and a company run by coach & singer Linda Fosse and  sculptor & farmer Arne Askeland.

paretThe Farm is situated on Osterøy, outside Bergen, on the west coast of Norway. Read About the Farm here.

We are both very active and have always a lot of projects going on.

Beside the sheep, cows and horses, we also have three dogs and a cat.

11180292_1116388305053445_1602954054_nWe have two lovely princesses together (born 2009 / 2011)  and Arne have also, from earlier, two fantastic children which now are grown ups.

Our dream is to make the farm a place you can come to learn about history, farming, the old times on the farm, get entertainment and balm for the soul. We are close to make the dream come true……

It is a very Spiritual place, and many feel calm and at peace when visiting the farm.

Which voice do you listen to-Linda has worked as a freelance for more than 20 years. Acting, singing, arranging festivals & concerts. Performing for people at all ages. She also writes and composes and puts up her own shows.

Her passion is to help people fulfill their dreams!

For that she is also educated to be a coach, and are giving courses and seminars to people who are ready to follow an inner calling.


Since the time Arne had been a young boy, he was drawn to modeling and making sculptures. When he became an adult, the grown up life “caught” him, and he put it aside.

Until 2010. Then the chainsaw artists Rick and Randy Boni came to visit.


Steve Ray by Arne Askeland

They told Arne he should take a course in chainsaw carving, cause this was something he would work with.

They couldn´t have been more right!

The speed of the chainsaw combined with Arne´s skills and passion for sculpting was a perfect match.

He is now a full time sculptor , combined with running the farm.


Thor with the hammer

His dream?

To make a park with sculptures of all the Gods from the Norse Mythology. As you can see, he has already started…



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So, some of the things we are offering:


Singing/Acting (norwegian site),


Wool Slippers