Boiled Wool Slippers Photo Shoot 10

Boiled Wool Slippers with FUN photo shoot

Yesterday Askeland Farm had their first photo shoot for the HAUS Boiled Wool slippers. After the release of the HAUS Wool Slippers on Amazon in December, we are constantly working in making progress in sales and advertisement.


David vs. Goliath

It is not that easy to be “David” in competition to “Goliath” on the shoe market. But we are slowly improving, and it is sure exciting times here at the farm.

The boiled wool slippers that have been sold here in Norway since the 1850s are still so good in quality and comfort that they have survived for all these years on the market. That is quite extraordinary.

Made on Askeland Farm since the 1850´s. (Picture from around 1900)

Made on Askeland Farm since the 1850´s. (Picture from around 1900)

Askeland Farm is strongly linked to the slippers.

It was the second wife of Arnes great great grandpa who invented them. She got married her on the farm in 1850. The slippers have been made here until  recently. More of that story, you´ll find here.

A Pair of Norwegian History

A Pair of Norwegian History

Now to the Photo Shoot!


Helge Aspevik, Photographer on Osterøy, Norway

We went to Helge’s Studio, outside Bergen.

Our model, a young 6 years old Norwegian girl, we just call her Princess, was excited before her first photo shoot ever.

We wanted to make some photos that could stand out from the majority of commercial photos. We also wanted them to be artistic.

Our Princess


“Ok, I am ready!”

We started to shoot some simple pictures of the model dressed up like a little princess. And like many other princesses she wanted to put on some lipstick. Well, also like other princesses who puts on makeup, the result can vary.





“I feel good!”

But the princess was just as happy as always. And who cares about some strange looking lipstick when you are haveing fun?

And when the felted hat came on, she sure turned into a REAL Norwegian Princess! 🙂

Playful with slippers


“Mum´s lipstick and Dad´s slippers. Now I am a REAL princess”

Finally, she got to play with the slippers. And we were wondering what would happened. We experienced that the best thing is to let children act naturally and just see what happens. No one can instruct children better then their inner feeling for what is natural to du. Our Princess offered us some great ideas, and we grabbed them.

We think we got some great shots clomid tablets buy online.

What do you think? Would you want to buy slippers after looking at this picture?

We would LOVE to hear your comments on our photos and especial the last one, that we want to use in commercial!

Live, Laugh, Love

Linda 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Boiled Wool Slippers Photo Shoot

  • Lynne

    Hi Linda
    I loved reading this, it made me think of my 4 year old. She loves putting on lipstick herself and well she comes out exactly like your pics 🙂

    Those boiled wool slippers look divine! I must say that when winter hits I am really a creature of comfort, I love my PJ’s, my slippers and of course my nightgown.

    I find the slippers we get in our shops here in South Africa only last one winter and then I chuck them out… what a waste.

    Are these hardy slippers? Cos I work from home so I live in them in winter!

    Thanks for sharing this super cute photo shoot!

    • Linda Fosse Post author

      Dear, Lynne.
      Yes, these are solid and long lasting! I live in mine too. Addicted.
      I have had them for many years.
      They are first class hand made, boild merino wool slippers.
      We sure had fun shooting the pictures.
      Thank you so much dor your comments.

      Live, Laugh, Love
      Linda 🙂

  • Ricardo Turner

    Linda, my goal this year is to get to Vegas, to meet people like you and Kyle, Carson and the rest of the WA community. If it takes a different language to achieve my goal so be it. You have given another approach to think outside the box. God bless you!

    • Linda Fosse Post author

      Thank you so much, Ricardo.
      I was in Vegas last february. Awesome. Not with WA but with
      It sure is worth it!
      Thank you so much for your support. You can do whatever you think you can do. Just do not stop beliving.
      Wish you all the best!

      Live, Laugh, Love
      Linda 🙂

  • Axel

    I would love some heated slippers at this time of the year, It is freezing in the UK and I suffer in particular due to my extremities getting colder in winter.
    Great shots! Hope this product catches on outside Norway.
    All the best, Axel!

    • Linda Fosse Post author

      Thanks a lot, Axel.
      Let me nnow if I shall send one over to you from Norway.
      They are awesome.
      Nothing can compare to real boiled wool slippers. Thay have been sold, unchanged, in Norway for more than 160 years. That is proof of quality.
      Thanks again for taking the time to comment here.

      Live, Laugh, Love
      Linda 🙂

  • David Snodgrass

    you really have done a great job with this article . You describe everything to the tee and the photos are amazing . The way you let the little girl just be herself really makes the article over the top and if I was looking for slippers I would come here all the best Max

  • Emily

    hi Linda
    I cannot say that I had heard of boiled wool slippers before but they look soooo comfortable. They must keep your feet warm. Are they itchy though? I love that they seem to be a tradition and were first made by the ancestors of your land. And the model for the photo shoot was just the cutest! I agree that letting the kids be themselves will always give great pics. Good job!

    • Linda Fosse Post author

      Hi, Emily.
      They are warm and NOT itchy. I ofter wear them barefoot.
      Wool is also said to have a healing effect. I do kot know about that. But all I can only say that you do not want to wear any other slippers.
      Nothing compares to wool. And these are high quality too.

      Live, Laugh, Love