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Norwegian Haus Wool Slippers with success

Watch the video now!

Finally, the Norwegian Haus Wool Slippers are now on Amazon and the US costumers can also buy these slippers that Norwegians have worn since the mid-1800´s.

But can David compete to Goliath?

Going into the US Market Askeland Farm is taking a big leap out in the big market. Norway is, as we all know, very small compared to Big Brother “over there”.

But of course, the competition is also quite bigger. Haflinger, UGG, ACORN and Sorel are all well-known shoe brands. They also offer slippers and house shoes in wool. So the question is, can Askeland Farm and compete to these big brands?

Handmade with love


 Now Hand Made in Mongolia, the land where felting has its origin.

Now Hand Made in Mongolia, the land where felting has its origin.

HAUS wool slippers are unique in the sense that they are 100% handmade. They only come in a limited amount and every shoe is double checked before shipping to Amazon.


Our goal is not to beat Goliath but to offer an outstanding handmade product we can be proud of. A product that can live for hundred years more. A product that gives you as a customer a pair of slippers you have never worn before. A house shoe you get adicted to. And that not only warms you feet.

Warm feet warm heart

summer-1523623Our boiled wool slippers are now made in Mongolia. When you buy a pair of these slippers your footprints will also reach someone on the other side of the plantet.

We have not started to make the house shoes in Mongolia just to make a profitable product. It is a long story, that you can read about on the Haus Wool Slippers-page clomid tablets 50mg. It is the story of how the slippers started as a helping project in Norway in the mid-1800´s and once again in 2012, became a helping project for other poor families so they could get a hope for the future.

So when you buy a pair of HAUS Wool Slippers you will not only get a pair of warm, handmade slippers to warm your feet, they will also warm families in Mongolia and your heart. <3

We are proud to be a part of this amazing cycle.

So get a pair of these Shoes for life. Put them on and

Live, Laugh, Love

That what it´s all about!

Linda 🙂

PS. Any comments are as always highly appreciated.


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8 thoughts on “Breaking News with Wool Slippers on Amazon

  • Jason

    Very nice looking slippers! I like the idea of all natural products made from sustainable materials and hand made. I hope these catch on quickly in the US.

    • Linda Fosse Post author

      Hello, Dirk.
      Thanks for your question.
      Yes, we will sell them on Amazon in Europe too. But I am not sure if we will manage to do that this year.
      And, of course, we sell them in Norway 😉

  • Rolf K. Bratli

    Hi Linda, very exciting, but I am biased as Norwegian! 🙂

    I really liked the video, very professional, and the information from Mongolia was also very interesting!
    We are moving back to Norway from United Arab Emirates, and I will take my family (Xiumei and John) on a vacation to your farm for rent this summer if everything goes as planned. 🙂
    Later on, when I start to get my act together and have some visitors to my site I will be very interested to help market this! But this will take me a couple of months – at least! lol.

    The site itself is very professional and good looking and easy to navigate and I had no problem to get through it all.

    Best regards
    On a journey to online success!

    • Linda Fosse Post author

      Thank you so much, Rolf for your great feedback. You are more than welcome to visit out farm and rent Sundland Guestfarm.
      Here is a lot to see and a rich history.

      So, hope to see you soon, and I would realy apreciate if you would help us promote the wool slippers.

      For your success! All the best!

      Live, Laugh, Love
      Linda 🙂