HAUS Wool Slippers

Boiled Wool Slippers with FUN photo shoot Yesterday Askeland Farm had their first photo shoot for the HAUS Boiled Wool slippers. After the release of the HAUS Wool Slippers on Amazon in December, we are constantly working in making progress in sales and advertisement. David vs. Goliath It is not […]

Boiled Wool Slippers Photo Shoot

Success for the traditional slippers from Norway! Askeland Farm, the small Norwegian Farm and company on the Island Osterøy outside Bergen, have had a great success with their first time ever release of the HAUS Wool Slippers on Amazon. The Slippers, that have been a part of the farm since […]

More Slippers to Amazon

Today our house slippers for men got it! We have just released our HAUS Wool Slipper on AMAZON. Today we are proud to present our first Ads 5* review. And also, on FaceBook people are starting to give feedback. <img class="alignnone wp-image-106 size-medium" src="×89.png" alt="Skjermbilde 2015-12-10 12.36.07" width="300" height="89" srcset="http://askelandfarm […]

Mens house slippers with a 5 star review on Amazon