HAUS Wool Slippers

The answear to a question asked in the 1800´s is feeding people in Mongolia today!

“Can you make some warm shoes for us?”


A very limited amount of HAUS Wool Slippers is available for the US market on Amazon.

Read the amazing story!

In 1855 Maria Olavsdotter married Johannes N. Askeland.
They lived on Askeland Farm, near the Small Village of Haus on an Island near Bergen.
Maria was an expert at making felted hats. In the mid 1800´s, she took the challenge of felting warm indoor shoes.
T_Hgre_varm (1) These Haus Slippers became the result.

At this time Norway was a poor country and life was very hard.
The Slippers were collected from the Farms and sold in various
Hand Craft Stores in Norway.
They became an important additional income for many poor farmers on the Island.


A long walk for the slippers

You can close the slipper with this clip ( we never do, but...)

You can close the slipper with this clip ( we never do, but…)

Askeland Farm made the Slippers until the 1990´s.
Then Norwegian labor became too costly and the Wool prices
went up and suddenly the profit was gone.
The factory at Askeland Farm closed and the Slippers almost “died”.
Some started to source the production out of Norway, but into
a country that had no felting tradition.
So the slippers that came back on the market did not have the best quality that the
HAUS Wool Slippers were well known for.
The good reputation that the slippers have had for more than hundred years was about to fade away.

The Shift

Something extraordinary happened!

Worn by Norwegian Families since the 1850´s

Worn by Norwegian Families since the 1850´s

TOVA, a Company run by a Norwegian Family that once lived in Mongolia
while Working with Foreign Aid Projects, contacted Askeland Farm and Arne Askeland.
They were looking for Machines for their Wool Shoe Factory, in Mongolia.

What a coincident!
We had a long conversation with TOVA, and they got to know
everything about our HAUS Wool Slippers and the story behind them.

But we were clear that we did NOT want to source them out to somebody who didn´t know how to felt.

But they could assure us that these people were on of the BEST at felting wool in the world!
Wool felting is thought to Originate from Mongolia so here people knew their skills.
Some of them even still live in felted tents!
So, instead of selling machines to them,
Arne Askeland, a fifth generation descendant of Johannes N. Askeland,
traveled with TOVA to Mongolia in 2012.
There, he thought them in Haus Slipper Felting Techniques, and Production began.
And for Christmas in 2012 the famous HAUS Wool Slippers were out in the Market, with the high quality they were known for.

And once again, the Haus Slippers can help people help themselves.

At the moment we only sell adult slippers on Amazon

At the moment we only sell adult slippers on Amazon

This time, it´s families in another poor country that have found hope for the future, thanks to the Haus Wool Slippers.

It is ONLY the handicraft Shops (Norsk Flid) and Askeland Farm who is allowed to sell the Slippers in Norway.

There are other Wool Shoes on the market that looks like ours, but be aware and look for the Trademark “Haus Tøffelen” by TOVA to be sure to get the Original ones with the highest  quality.


Do you want to help?

By purchasing a pair of the Original Boiled Wool Slippers, Haus-tøffelen”, you do not only get a pair of superwarm, comfortable houseshoes, you also will provide food on te table for fantastic families in Mongolia.
These slippers both warm your feet and your heart!



They comes with this FREE shoe bag in cotton.

They comes with this FREE shoe bag in cotton.

PS.They also come in a fantastic shoebox, with the whole story written at the back, PLUSS a FREE shoe bag in cotton. (You will get addicted to these slippers, so you will need the shoe bag when going away for your Holiday and on weekends at the cottage.









Film from Mongolia.

Take 5 minutes and watch this film from Mongolia made by Journalist Bjørn Vatne, and meet some of the workers in Mongolia. You also see the owner of TOVA, Ingar Eide. Some text in Norwegian, but you will get an impression of how thing are over there. The last sequence is from another factory over there, with far as good conditions as in “our” factory. Enjoy!
SHOES FOR LIFE! For the one you care about – …. and the one you do not know. 

A very limited amount of HAUS Wool Slippers is available for the US market on Amazon. Hurry up to get your pair!