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6 thoughts on “The Best Online Pharmacy. Buy Cialis Without Prescription –

  • Audrey

    Linda, this is a very interesting post about Norwegian Boiled Slippers! I found it to be very informative, and I love the rich history of this product. Since I am allergic to wool, personally, I wouldn’t be able to use them, but it would be a great gift for someone who could, and have an appreciation for “natural” material. Great post!

    • Linda Fosse Post author

      Dear, Adreyna.
      Thank you so much for your comment. I am so sorry for your allergy for wool. That would be critical to me, cause in winter I seldom wear anything else. 🙂
      Yes, we are very proud to pass on the history from our ancestors. And also by soing that be able to help other people, and make a living for other families.
      Thanks a lot.
      – Linda

  • Arief

    Oh dear… That is some slipper! I would love to own a pair. But I live in this tropical paradise called Indonesia. I see no reasons to wear a warming slippers as I prefer open air sandals.

    This is a great historical product. You should always keep it alive as a legacy to you, your town, and your country.a

    • Linda Fosse Post author

      Dear, Arief.
      Thank you so much for your comment.
      No, I would probably also not wear slippers in Indonesia. Although, wool is very good to wear in the heat, but not in Indonesia where the humidity is so high. But, here in Norway, where the air is dry in summer, you can “dress the sun out” by wearing wool.
      Yes, we will try to keep it alive for generations to come.
      Thanks a lot!

  • Dietmar Ingensiep

    I would love to get a pair of slippers, but I can not select my size 44 on the Amazon website. Also the Valentines link for $ 30 off sends you to a non working website?
    Please help,