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The Best slippers for men

T_Venstre_varmAskeland Farm have finally released the best wool slippers on Amazon. The famous boiled wool slippers have been sold in Norway since the 1850´s. It is seldom that a product can stay popular over such a period of time, unchanged.

160 years of Quality

T_Hgre_varm (1)You will probably not find a slipper that will last as long as these boiled wool slippers. They have been a winner since Maria Olavsdotter invented them in the mid 1800´s. Wool felted in this special way have a magnificent way to keep you feet both warm and dry. If you have problem with sweaty feet, this is the solution for you.

The wool absorb both smell and moisture. It rinse itself and breath. There is nothing like wool when it comes to comfort and quality.

Mens House shoes

Innsida_varm (1)Men loves these slippers. They are grey, they are soft, they breath, they are study and firm. But most of all, they are high quality.

Most men do not like shopping, and when they have found a pair of shoes they like, they want to keep them forever. Here they have found a shoe just like that buy generic clomid. If you only use them indoor (as you only should) you will have your boiled wool slippers for very many years.


The slippers are also fantastic to wear barefoot. Then you really get to feel the high quality of the soft merino wool slippers. Nature at its best.

Stop Searching

Utsida_varm (1)Looking for a pair of men house shoes? Well, you can stop looking.

HAUS Wool Slippers will meet all your criteria. They´ll keep your feet warm, they are soft, they´ll even keep your feet cool in summer! And they are easy to slip on.

      Under_varm Ovenfor_varmI am more than proud to be presenting these grey wool slippers !

If you have any comments I would love to hear them!

Best regards Linda 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Men slippers on Amazon



    Love your post, it the first time I heard about a slipper that keeps your feet cool in summer. This is great cause we men do not have to worry about sweaty feet and the idea of getting athlete’s feet. Thank you for the amazing post.

    • Linda Fosse Post author

      Thanks a lot for your great feedback.
      Yes, wool is quite extra ordinary.
      I wear my slippers the whole year around.
      I even wear wool socks in my leather boots when working in the steep fields drying hay at the farm summertime.
      And the best is when I wear my slippers bare foot.